Rick Strohmeier

Rick is a certified NRA Basic Pistol Instructor as well as a concealed carry instructor/trainer certified by the Kentucky State Police. This means he also trains other instructors to be certified by the State of Kentucky. He is also a former military police officer with over 25 years of firearms experience and training to offer his students.

What Do Rick’s Students Say About Him?

I was in Rick’s class and he was very very thorough. He went over everything you could possibly imagine. I came out with a different perspective on a lot of things. He was really helpful to the students in class that had never handled a firearm before. Rick was awesome. I would recommend his class to ANYONE!!

Rick was very straightforward, kept the class engaged and interested. Extremely informative.

Rick was great and straight forward with his teaching. I would highly recommend Rick to anyone and everyone!

Rick was probably one of the most knowledgeable people that I know. The class was very informative and entertaining. The cost of the class I would’ve paid double for what I’ve learned. I would highly recommend his class.

Rick carried himself very well. From the moment we stepped on property and we checked our weapons with him I knew we had an expert on gun safety and CCDW. The training far exceeded our expectations and the 8-hour class was over before we knew it. Rick was VERY serious but was able to mix in humor at the appropriate times. We will be going back for more advanced training very soon.

Excellent class! Rick was extremely thorough. I am a novice in terms of firing a weapon and knowing the related laws. I left the class feeling much more knowledgeable and comfortable. I appreciated most his passion for teaching and informing us of the importance of self awareness and protection.

He is awesome really enjoyed his class and gave us a really good insight on the information. He is a great instructor

I enjoyed learning about gun safety and laws of the land and how to protect myself legally.

Great knowledgeable class!

Rick is very knowledgeable in the presentation of information in a way that helps you understand and retain the lessons being taught

Rick is a well rounded instructor and clearly a subject matter expert. For the first time in a long time someone taught me the subject matter instead of how to pass a test. I feel I can away from the class with such a. better understanding than I ever had before. Rick was able to articulate the course material so that everyone understood and there was a lot to learn, so if you think this is a two hour and your done your wrong. I will take much more training options from him in the future.

He was very thorough and very respectful. The class learned alot and he was very helpful

My wife and I took the CCDW class. We had our eyes opened to things going on in this world that have started to become to close to home and our everyday life, so with what we took out of the class is we need to be aware of our surroundings. I would recommend this class because the instructor pointed out situations and shared life experiences with us. So get your license and carry 24/7. Don’t become a victim. Once we become a little more confident with our weapons, we may return for some more training.

Rick was very informative on all parts of info of the class needed. He was very reliable and answered all questions asked. This was the best class I have taken. He made everything very understandable on every level for everyone in the class. I will for sure come back to do more classes with my family and myself for further advancement of my gun handling and training.

Rick is a great instructor with many years of experience. He explains things well and gives real life stories and goes over scenarios with the class. Great trainer in the classroom and on the range. Highly recommend others to take his training. In the future I will be signing up for his other trainings he offers.

Rick is a very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful guy. His class was very informative, but he tended to speed through things a little bit. He was quite willing to explain things more slowly and in more detail if you asked though. Overall, I’m glad I had him as an instructor, and I’ll be recommending him to all my friends.

Rick was very helpful in explaining the course content In a logical but applicable way. He didn’t skip over anything, and provided many great resources for his students.

Rick did a fantastic job teaching the concealed carry class. He clearly emphasized those the items of highest priority and importance (there were many). Class information, instruction, and demonstrations were clear and likewise the final written test & practical shooting was seamless and well synchronized.

I took the CCDW class from Rick Strohmeier on June 10, 2017. I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the class and what a great instructor Rick is. Even after the long day of instruction and going to the gun range, he took time to show me how to clean my gun. I have had very little experience with guns in the past, but thanks to Rick, I scored 100% on the written test and hit the target 20 our of 20 times. Keep up the great work that you do.

The course was very indepth and intense with real life stories that justifies the reason for obtaining a CCDW