Kentucky CCDW License Renewal

Within 120 days of your permit’s expiration you should receive a written notice of expiration from the Kentucky State Police. In order to apply you must visit the Sheriff’s office in your county of residence and bring with you:

  • The renewal notice
  • A completed Citizenship Affidavit
  • A Color photograph
    • No less than three and one-half inches by four inches and no more than four inches by five inches.
    • Must display the full front of the head with facial features.
    • Digital Photographs or their printed images are not acceptable.

The renewal fee is twenty dollars to the Sheriff and forty dollars payable to the Kentucky Department of State Police. (Total is Sixty Dollars)

If the renewal is late you will be required to pay an additional late fee of $15.

If six months or more has passed since your expiration date your license is fully expired and you need to start the application process from scratch.