Pregnant Mom Shoots Boyfriend to Defend Young Son

Louisville, Kentucky – A mother was forced to shoot the father of her children after he tried to abduct her and their one-year old son last Wednesday.

The unidentified pregnant mother said they had broken up a few months previously.

But her ex-boyfriend, 33-year-old Domonique Hughley, became upset after she moved on to another relationship.

The mother was in front of White Owl Liquors on Dixie Highway when,

“All of a sudden, I get a blow to the face,” she said talking about the unexpected attack.

She then ran into the store and asked someone inside for a phone to contact police when Hughley ran in and picked her up,

“The guy gave me the phone to call the police,” she said. “I wasn’t able to give them full details of what happened before he (Hughley) comes in there and grabs me up.”

As customers of the store watched, Hughley tossed the woman into the back seat of her SUV where their young son sat, then began driving away at high rates of speed while swerving through traffic.

Hughley made his intentions clear and threatened to crash the vehicle to “mess everyone up,” or take her, “far away and kill her.”

The mother climbed into the most rearward seat of her SUV and was able to get a hold of a gun.

“It was one of those situation, I wasn’t going to let him kill all of us,” the mother told WLKY. “I wasn’t even thinking about me at that point. I was thinking about my child. Before we could get on the highway, I had a choice between all of us dying or defending myself and my son. I grabbed a gun and I shot him.”

When police were finally able to locate the vehicle on Virginia Ave. near I-264, they found Hughley close by suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to his arm.

The young mother says she doesn’t doubt that when her ex-boyfriend is released from jail, things will get worse.

“I really don’t think he should get out,” she said. “I think the next time — there’s no next time. Somebody’s going to lose their life.”

Hughley, who plead guilty to the assault of a different pregnant woman in 2016, was booked and charged with strangulation, 2 counts of wanton endangerment and assault. He is being held on $75,000 bond.

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