New Kentucky Bill Looks to Allow CCW in Schools and Bars

Kentucky House Representative Robert Goforth (R), with his eye on the Governor’s Mansion, filed House Bill 30 which looks to reduce restrictions on concealed carry permit holders.

House bill 30 seeks to allow the carrying of “deadly weapons” in previously restricted areas such as schools including college campuses, bars and other private businesses, and even the General Assembly if licensed to do so.

Goforth, who has announced his desire for the Republican nomination to run for the Governor’s seat, said he will be a leader for the “… conservatives of the heart”.

Kentucky’s current Governor, Matt Bevin, has been a proponent of 2nd Amendment rights himself.

The day following the 2018 mass shooting which took the lives of 17 people, Governor Bevin told the Cincinnati Enquirer during an interview:

“Again, here’s what I’ll say, 100 years ago, and even 50 years ago we had more guns per capita in America then we do now. It’s not a gun problem.”

When I was a kid, especially after Christmas, people brought their guns to school. My friends (would) get a new shotgun, get a .22 or something, would come to school and show it to your friends… Kids would bring them on the buses, sometimes they (guns) would be in kids lockers, nobody even thought of shooting other people with them. So, it’s not a gun problem.”

“What I would say to someone for whom that is the solution (gun control), get a new idea, because that is not the solution, it is a cultural problem.”

Bevin went on to say that America should instead be focusing on the media’s perpetual glorification of violence.

While Bevin has yet to file official paper work to run for re-election, he assured business leaders at the annual Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Dinner Thursday night, that he will be running to keep his seat as governor of Kentucky.

Although, according to a Morning Consult poll, Bevin must work to upgrade his current popularity as he sits at a 55% disapproval rating, the lowest of all other Governors on the list.

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  1. Kelli Stone on January 22, 2019 at 12:16 am

    Governor Bevin is exactly right. It is not a gun problem any more than a fork is a fat problem or shot-glass is a drunk problem. It is past time to begin an Attitude Campaign. Something along the line of the old anti-litter commercials staring Iron Eyes Cody. This one directed at attitudes. Hell, while we’re at it, let’s bring back the anti-littler commercials too since the liberals are worried about every other kind of pollution, real or imagined, except for this one.

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