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Laurel County Teen Fends off Home Invader with His Gun


A Laurel County, KY teen, Bryson Reed has spoken about the day he chased someone who had broken into his home away, this Saturday morning.

“I woke up and I noticed that my phone wasn’t charging and that it was dead,” Reed said. “I stood up and heard somebody rattling in the kitchen and I thought it was just my sister. Maybe she had come back home from work early or something.”

But it was not his sister.

“And then I heard him say ‘Hank, you’re a dead man,'” Reed continued.

Reed doesn’t know who ‘Hank’ is. He says the day before there had been a note on his sister’s door for Hank.

Without time to think, Bryson said, he quickly grabbed a gun.

“I was holding it by the door so he couldn’t see it. He was standing in the hallway with a knife. I told him to drop the knife and he told me he wouldn’t and that’s when I pulled the gun on him.”

The 16-year-old says the man then started backing away.

“He kind of just backed up and then he hit the couch and that’s when he just kind of threw everything down.”

Following that, the intruder, who police say they believe is 29-year-old Thomas Scott, ran out of the house and made good his escape.

The Reed family says they’re familiar with the 29-year-old Scott. They say they don’t know him but they’ve talked to their neighbors and say there’s been trouble in this part of the state with him, before.

Reed says his family will carry on like normal, unafraid of the intruder returning. No doubt due to the fact that Bryson and the rest of his family are well prepared for any future encounters.


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