PSA: Danville Parks and Recreation Outlaw Concealed Carry in City Parks

Danville Park Concealed Carry

Danville Parks and Recreation presented two new signs at their board meeting Wednesday to be placed in all Danville parks. The two new signs that will be posted prohibit drugs, alcohol, fireworks and weapons, and issue the park’s closing time.

Danville passed the ordinance, stating that even concealed carry handguns will not be allowed in the park. As of now, this is the only area of the state to pass an ordinance like this, but it is not known if it will spread to other towns, as of the time of writing.

At last month’s Parks and Recreation meeting, the issue of limited signage in the parks was discussed. At the time, there were not any signs posted in the parks stating drugs, alcohol, fireworks and firearms/weapons were not allowed. It seems that with this local passing of the ordinance, the Parks and Recreation board have therefore effectively made it illegal to carry concealed inside the parks.

This ordinance is reminiscent, albeit in a smaller scale to Massachusetts attorney general Maura Healey’s recent definition and ban of her own brand of assault weapons. This appears another act of a small few in government affecting a massive amount of gun owners with a simple choice.

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