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Movie Theater Evacuated after Concealed Carrier Draws Gun

kentucky concealed carry theater permit gun

Photo courtesy of WPSD

In Paducah, KY we have a case of exactly what not to do when you are given the privilege and responsibility of having a concealed carry permit.

Police stated that on July 30, at a local movie theater, John Grabinski, of Ozark, Illinois pulled out his concealed carry gun and began threatening another theatergoer, during an argument within the auditorium. The scuffle began with an unnamed 14-year-old kicking the back of Grabinski’s seat, and then escalated to the point of physical violence with the boys father, which left Grabinski on the floor. Then Grabinski produced his gun, and in doing so, may have landed himself a criminal charge of 4th degree assault with minor injury.

On top of the illegality of starting a fight in a movie theater and producing a firearm with intent to fire, there is the added issue of Kentucky state law, with regard to concealed carry. Kentucky allows individual businesses to decide whether or not to allow guns on their property. This particular movie theater had a strict “No Guns” policy.

Ever since the Aurora, CO “Dark Knight Rises” massacre, movie theaters have become very stringent on the ability to bring in concealed carried weapons onto the ability, usually disallowing the practice wherever they are able to. Some say that the rules banning guns on the grounds is a needed safety measure, while others disagree with the inability of permitted, well to do concealed carry license holders to bring their weapon into a certain area, when they have the proper paperwork at their disposal.

However, in order for situations like this to improve for those of us who believe in full expanse for concealed carry license holders, events like those that happened with John Grabinski cannot continue. To use a gun the way he did was reckless, and endangered not only the safety of the man he threatened with his firearm, but anybody who could have accidentally been put in the crossfire. That is why we value firearms safety so highly. There is no room for bad eggs in the carton, here. If you have a firearm and a concealed carry permit, it is your responsibility to know how to handle any situation with a calm, but stern hand. Never fly off the handle like this, and stories like these, regarding concealed carry holders will eventually drift away.


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0 Responses to Movie Theater Evacuated after Concealed Carrier Draws Gun

  1. Joe Lynott November 27, 2016 at 3:15 pm #

    This kinda sucks because since the “Dark Night” massacre places like movie theaters are exactly the kind of location where I would want my gun on me. Back in the day as a young MP in the Army we used to say “Rather be tried by 12 than carried by 6.” Since I know I’m not an idiot like the person described above and would never pull my gun just because someone pissed me off is this the stance I need to take? If I were to save 200 people in a movie theater from a crazed gunman, are the police really going to care that I had my gun in a place that I “technically” should not have???

    • jacob November 28, 2016 at 9:47 am #

      Joe, here are my thoughts:

      1: Not all movie theaters have firearm restrictions. Do some homework in your area and try to identify a theater (most likely something locally owned) that doesn’t have a restriction. Then carry concealed and all should be well.

      2: If you have to attend a theater that has a restriction you can choose to ignore it and be potentially charged or face civil liability should you be discovered… so conceal well. If you should have to use your firearm in self-defense that doesn’t prevent charges from being filed due to ignoring the firearm restriction but it does substantially reduce the odds in my opinion.

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